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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the belief that the body and its vital energy (Qi) must be kept in balance in order to maintain good health. This is a natural philosophy in which Yin and Yang and the Five Phases are ideas used to describe the dynamic balance of the body/mind.TCM is a comprehensive medical system that includes acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal preparations, Tuina  (Chinese massage therapy), nutrition and exercise. In recent years many people have chosen TCM as their primary health care resource for a wide variety of health problems. 


Acupuncture is an ancient healing art through which healing is facilitated by stimulating its own healing abilities. No medicines have to be ingested that may have unwanted side effects. The body’s miraculous healing powers are activated through the insertion of very fine needles into points that are empirically known to affect the nervous system, the endocrine system (your hormones), as well as the functions of your internal organs. Treatment with acupuncture involves using the insertion of very fine needles into various points on the body. When the acupuncture points are gently needled, it creates a general feeling of relaxation. This serves to adjust the body’s Yin & Yang and re-establish the normal flow of Qi in the meridians.   

Chinese herbal medicine consultation        

In the United States acupuncturists usually combine acupuncture with Chinese medical herbs. Medicinal Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to cure diseases and alleviate discomfort due to many different disorders. The first herbal classic written in china was published in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) called the Agriculture Emperors Materia Medica. The first plants discovered and used were usually for digestive system disorders and slowly as more herbs were discovered the herbs became more useful for an increasing number of ailments and herbal tonics were created. Herbology is a very powerful aspect of TCM. Patent or specific formulas may be prescribed on an individual basis.

These herbs may be taken in tablet form, capsules, tinctures, granules, powders or teas. The Chinese herbal pharmacopeia contains hundreds of herbs that can effectively treat many ailments such as infections, digestive disorders, hormonal problems, fatigue, pain, kidney stones, and many others. Chinese herbal formulas are designed beautifully to be very safe, without side effects, and have been used successfully for thousands of years. 

Moxibustion (Heat Treatment)

This is an important part of Chinese traditional medicine with warming and soothing treatment used to increase Chi and blood flow, relieve pain and expedite healing. Moxibustion is the common herb Artemesia vulgaris (called moxa in Chinese) that is burned over certain points or areas. Moxa is rolled into a cigar-like stick or used loose over protected skin or on the top of the needle to create warmth and tonification. Moxa has been shown in Chinese studies to increase digestive function, increase white blood count and platelets when burned over certain points, and may have an effect on the transformation of T-cells. It is often used for pain syndromes and areas that appear or feel cold on the body.  


Cupping is a method of treating disease caused by local congestion. The use of glass cups with suction created by a vacuum in the cup, usually by means of heat, which are then applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues to improve blood circulation and unblock congestion. Today, cups made of glass or bamboo are by far the most common. They are available in many sizes, and selected according to the skin surface and method of treatment.


Tuina (Chinese massage therapy) is a traditional method using pressure, manipulation and a variety of approaches to promote Qi and blood flow within the body. It is an extensive system used both as an adjunct to acupuncture and independently as well. It stimulate an exchange of Chi energy between the practitioner and the patient Massage is very beneficial for most pain disorders and is also enjoyable and relaxing. A half-hour or hour tuina massage makes a great present to friends and family, too!  ------Dr.Chen is also a Tuina Master   click below:


Nutrition & Special Exercises

Certain aspects of one’s diet may be discussed and specific exercises may be recommended to promote better health. A healthy diet and a sound nutritional program is a vital part of overall health and also a direct approach to treating many disorders. We assess your dietary habits, cravings, and lifestyle in order to make sensible nutritional recommendations. When appropriate we may refer you to nutritional counselors who are experts in their field. 

Some treatable common conditions: 

* Addiction-alcohol, drug           * Allergies                                * Anxiety
* Arthritis                                     * Asthma                                    * Back or neck pain
* Bronchitis                                 * Carpel tunnel syndrome      * Car-accident injuries           
* Chronic fatigue                         * Colitis                                     * Common cold                      
* Constipation                             * Cough                                    * Depression  
* Diarrhea                                    * Digestive disorders              * Dizziness     
* Diabetes                                    * Dysmenorrhea                      * Emotional problem         
* Eye problems                           * Facial palsy/tics                    * Fibromyalgia 
* Gout                                            * Hair loss                                 * Headaches & migraines 
* Hearing problems                    * Hemorrhoids                          * Hiccough
* High/low blood pressure        * Immune system deficiency   * Incontinence
* Indigestion                                * Infertility                                  * Irritable bowel syndrome
*  Irregular menses                    * Joint & muscle aches           *  Leukorrhea
* Menopause                              * Morning sickness                 *  Nausea
*  Osteoarthritis                           *  Painful heel                            *  Paralysis
*  PMS                                            *  Poor memory                         *  Prostatitis
*  Psoriasis                                   *  Reproductive problems       *  Rhinitis
*  Sciatica                                     * Seasonal affective disorder *  Shingles
*  Shoulder pain                           *  Skin problems                        *  Skin wrinkles
*  Sexual dysfunction                 *  Sinusitis                                   *  Sleep disturbances
*  Sore throat                                *  Sports injuries                       *  Stop smoking
*  Stroke                                        *  Stress syndrome                    *  Tennis elbow
 T.M.J.                                        *  Tonsillitis                                *  Toothache

* Trigeminal neuralgia                *   Urinary disorder                    *  Urinary tract infections
*  Vomiting                                    *  Weight control                       *   Wrist pain
* Mesothelioma  







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