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Michael J. Nissenblatt, M.D.                                                    Norman Reitman, M.D. 
James C. Salwitz, M.D.                                                            George I. Karp, M.D. 
Phillip D. Reid, M.D.                                                                Bruno S. Fang, M.D. 
Kathleen Wesa, M.D.                                                               Alan Remde, M.D. 
Alexander Levin, M.D. F.A.C.P.M.                                           Michael E. Rothman, M.D. 
Eva Stahl, M.D.                                                                        Theodore Stahl, M.D. 
Igor L. Soboi, M.D., Ph. D.                                                       Marina B. Soboi, M.D., Ph. D. 
Nataliya Dashevsky, M.D.                                                         Michael R. Duch, M.D. 
Joel W. Goldsmith, M.D.                                                          Chu-Kuang Chen, M.D., Ph.D. 
Ted Louie, M.D.                                                                       Elliott A. Lehrer, M.D. P.A. 
Robert Spierer, M.D.                                                                Brian Shaffer, M.D. F.A.C.P. 
Louis Tsarouhas, M.D.                                                              Melissa Yih, M.D. 

Perry Herman,M.D.

George G. Semenetz, D.D.S.                                                    Peter J. Paterson, D.M.D. 

Joseph J, Delmonico,  D.D.S.                                                   Paula Sjolund, D.O.             

Robert Platzman, D.O.                                                             Charles T. Schenck, D.V.M. 
J. L. Winters, D.C.                                                                   Thomas Picone, D.C. 
Jess Rosenberg, D.C.                                                                Edward Feldman, D.C.
Kira French, P.T.                                                                      Susan Darley, Ph.D. 
Jillian C. Schwartz, L.Ac.                                                         Angela Lee Chen,  L.Ac. 
Tashi Dolma, L.Ac.                                                                   
Black Forest Acres 
Earth House   



 Michael J. Nissenblatt, M.D. (Central Jersey Oncology Center)

Mr. Jianzhong Chen-a Gentleman whom I consider to be a colleague and friend- has established a wonderful reputation as a specialist in traditional Chinese Medicine.
For several years, Mr. Chen has been committed to assisting in the management of patients with malignant diseases. He has been successful in alleviating their pain, relieving their suffering and restoring many of them to a higher quality of life.


Norman Reitman, M.D.

Dr. Jianzhong Chen is a licensed Acupuncturist. His treatment was satisfactory and I am free of symptoms.
My contact with Dr. Chen was entirely professional. He is of good moral character and I can recommend him for his services without reservation.


Eva Bamberger Stahl, M.D., F.A.A.D., P.A.

I am pleased to commend Jianzhong Chen, L.Ac. For his skills as an acupuncturist and practitioner of Tuina. As a physician I am particularly impressed with his professionalism. His skills are remarkable and his facilities immaculately maintained.

There is no higher compliment than a physician referring colleagues and family members.


George G. Semenetz, D.D.S

I would like to give my highest recommendation and trustworthiness to Dr. Jianzhong Chen. Dr. Chen is a dedicated, caring, and very talented practitioner who I have known for many years. He has treated my father, mother, wife and numerous friends over the years and all have been greatly helped by his expert talents. I am a practicing dentist in the town that Dr. Chen lives and it should be known that his reputation for honesty and skill in helping patients is well known.


Susan A. Darley, Ph.D.

I met Dr. Jianzhong Chen in 1999 when I consulted him for acupuncture treatment. I had had no experience with acupuncture, but as a serious practitioner of Taiji, I was interested in the theory and practical effects of acupuncture.
I was immediately impressed by Dr. Chen’s knowledge and skill and his unmatched ability to listen with great attentiveness and understanding. A psychologist by profession, I have had occasion to recommend Dr. Jianzhong Chen to many of my own patients. His sensitivity, insight and compassion, along with his expertise passed down through five generations of Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioners in his family, have unfailingly helped these patients achieve greater levels of emotional as well as physical health.


Cory Hughes,     Director
Wendy Matus,    Academic Dean
(Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine)

Mr. Jianzhong Chen has the unique ability to make difficult subjects clear, and his enthusiasm for the material motivates his students to learn in a positive environment. He has a true gift for teaching and we have been very fortunate to have him on our faculty for so many years.
Dr. Jianzhong Chen is truly a gifted teacher and an asset to our program. He is highly regarded here at the school by students, faculty and administration.


Kevin V. Ergil, M.S., L.Ac   Dean & Director (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine)

It gives me great pleasure to write in support of Jianzhong Chen who currently teaches courses in Tui Na (traditional Chinese massage therapy). Mr. Chen is an excellent teacher with a strong background in his discipline, as well as in acupuncture. Students enjoy his presentation, organization and technical proficiency. Faculty find him collegial and easy to work with.


Words from our patients…

v   Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip and Knee Pain Case

Man 71yrs has low back pain for 40 yrs. He says:” I suffered from back pain over 40 years. I have been treated by five different chiropractors for over 400 visits and I still have pain and stiffness on my back.  After Dr.Chen’s first acupuncture treatment, I no long had pain and only very mild stiffness which disappeared after the 3rd treatment. I am still teaching Karate at 71yrs of age.”(John.S)

Woman 32yrs has back pain. She says:” Dr.Chen is the best! I have seen all types of western doctors for 2 yrs with no real relief from my back pain. After 2 weeks with Dr.Chen, I feel as if I have my life back. I will be back here often.”(Kimberly.J)

Woman 65yrs has back pain. She says:” I have more mobility and energy as well as less pain after acupuncture. It has improved the quality of my life.”(Louis.F)

Man 72yrs with back pain. He says:” I had no pain and good results in short time and I recommend acupuncture to others.”(George.G)

Man 42yrs with hip pain. He says:”Excellent. These were long-standing problems that were healed within 5 treatments. I tried many other types of treatments; none were as successful as acupuncture!”(Benjamin.S)

Woman 54yrs with back pain. She says:”I feel a lot better and I can walk again. Pain almost gone. This is the best I have felt in 2 years.”(Alicja.D)

Woman 58yrs had back pain. She says:”After trying other forms of treatment in physical therapy; 3 epidural shots; pain meds; muscle relaxers etc. I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort before surgery. Thanks to Dr.Chen surgery was not necessary and I feel 95% better.”(Francine.H)

Man 85yrs has back and neck pain. He says:” I have every confidence in the diagnosis and treatment by Dr.Chen. If a physical problem in my life arises my first call is to Dr.Chen. If Dr.Chen thinks he can help me, I have confidence that he can.”(Fred.W)

 Woman 49yrs had back pain. She says:” I had very extreme lower back pain from an injury, worst pain I've ever experienced. Had chiropractic had therapeutic massage had therapy, nothing help as well a completely as acupuncture, very calming, very good!”(Pantel.B)

Man 61yrs had upper back and neck pain. He says:”I would recommend acupuncture to others and acupuncture has improved the quality of my life. Dr.Chen is the best.”(Sal D)

Woman 66yrs had back pain. She says:”Bad back pain and knees after the 3rd visit the pain was very little. Now after the 5th, the pain was gone.”(Dolores B)

Man 44yrs has neck pain.He says:”Dr.Chen is very knowledgable and approachable. He can identy problem easily and give honest feedback.”(M.A)

Woman 51yrs had back pain. She says:”After one treatment, my pain was lessened by 80-90% and my movement by 60-70%. I’m thrilled. Dr.Chen has kindness and honesty in his eyes and I can feel this in his hand. I am very happy.”(Laura.L)

Woman 24yrs has neck and low back pain. She says: I am very satisfied with the results. Most of my pain have gone away after 3 treatment.(Mayumi K)

Man 45yrs has neck and shoulder pain. He says: I felt very comfortable with Dr.Chen's manner and found acupuncture to be more effective for pain relief than typical western medicine. Enjoyed the combination of tuina massage with acupuncture and I highly recommend it to others.( Tom C)

Woman 37yrs had lower back pain and sciatic pain. She says: I relief from pain came quickly after treatments (1,2) and was able to have mobility of sensitive areas without pain. I am able to sleep through the night without waking up because of the pain. He is calm, patient and reassuring! I recommend him highly!(Marsha.W)

Woman 52yrs has low back pain. She says:”A neighbor recommended Dr.Chen and  try acupuncture since she had experienced success. I felt much better after 3 treatments and would recommend it to anyone experiencing lower back pain.(Deborah.S)

Man 55yrs has back pain. He says:I was very pleased after my first treatment with the level of pain and movement improvement. The results of the acupuncture treatments have help of tremendously and I would recommend this procedure to others.(Thomas M) 

Man 46yrs has back pain. He says: The pain I had experienced has decreased and gone away after 3 treatments. My flexibility has gotten better. This is my 2nd experience with Dr.Chen.(Gary W)

Man 43yrs has low back pain. He says:I have been in major pain since 2/99 with my lower back problems. I have undergone 4 epidural steroid lumbar injections, and was recommended to undergo a laminotomy surgery procedure (operation) on my back. My level of pain relief has been astounding! I have not been this pain-free since before my back problems started in February of 1999! No surgery for me! Dr.Chen saved my spine and me from going under the knife! Thank you, Thank you!(Kenny.M)

Man 33yrs has shoulder,neck and back pain. He says: The treatment greatly reduced and virtually eliminated my pain in lower back, shoulder and neck areas. Stress reduced. The tinnitus is lower and will look forward to more treatment to take care of this problem too. Overall I am very satisfied with the results.( Mark W)

Woman 49yrs has lower back pain. She says: I found the treatment extremely beneficial. The treatment itself was very relaxing and I felt improvement immediately. Within one week the pain improved 90%.(Blyth S)

v   Sports Injury Case

Man 11yrs(soccer player) has neck pain injured when playing soccer. He says: I injured neck muscle while I was playing soccer. My mom took me to see my primary care doctor but she only recommended to use a heating pad and take motrin for the pain and to with inflammation. This treatment did not help relief the pain. Then my mom decided to take me to see an acupuncturist (Dr.Chen). He treated me. I don’t feel pain after the 1st treatment. (Charles A)

Man 27yrs has sprained back. He says:” When I can in for my first treatment, I could not walk. After 20 minutes of treatment and 2 minutes massage, I feel 70% better, I could walk getting up out of a chair and was without pain. I felt like a new man.(Stepher A)

Girl 17yrs(cross country runner) has right shin/calf pain. She says: Even after the first visit I began feeling incredibly better when physical therapy had not even impaired my condition too much.(Trish R)

Man 16yrs(tennis player) has shoulder problem and torn tendon. He says: I play tennis on variety at high school south and I am very active during the week. I had this shoulder problem and came here for acupuncture. After the first few sessions, I have been feeling much better the pain has gradually went away, I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who has pain and also for sport injuries. (Demetre V)

Girl 16yrs(cross country runner) has Achilles tendon, tight calf muscle pain. She says: Medical doctor instructed me to take Advil and apply ice but that did not help. My mom recommended acupuncture because she had success with it. It has been very helpful! I have recommended teammates with injuries go to Dr. Chen and they have been helped also. (Emily S)

Woman 39yrs has knee pain and Achilles heel pain. She says: Dr.Chen is very knowledgeable about the application of acupuncture to sports injuries. In very short time, his treatment sped the healing of my knee such that I was able to resume training quickly. I definitely recommend Dr.Chen to other sports athletes! (EllynI)

Man 18yrs has stress fracture in tibia. He says: Dr. Chen is very experienced and knows what he is doing. He helped speed the healing time.(Brain S)

Man 50yrs(runner) had hip and Achilles pain for 2 years. He says: Excellent. These were long standing problems that were healed after 5 treatments. I tried many other types of treatments, and none were as successful as acupuncture! (Benjamin. B)

v   Foot Pain Case

Man 68yrs has heel pain. He says: Treatment gave relief from the pain.(Henry J)

Woman 66yrs has heel pain. She says: The treatment is very pleasant. I am very satisfied with the treatment.(Gertrude H)

Man 52yrs has chronic pain in arch of both feet. He says: I had chronic pain in my feet for many years. After only 1 treatment I experienced great relief. I could actually feel "heat" relieving the pain for many hours after treatment.(Tim c)

v   Migraines Case

Woman 35yrs has headaches. She says: I am very satisfied with the results of acupuncture treatment. Dr.Chen is great! I would like to recommend acupuncture to others. (Amy G)

Woman 25yrs has Migraines. She says: Acupuncture not only help physical symptoms, but makes me feel better in general about life. (Jillian.S)

v  Trigeminal Neuralgia Case

Man 66 yrs has trigeminal neuralgia for the past 11 years. Tried managing with different treatments but was not successful.  He said: Dr. Chen has been a wealth of knowledge in treating my trigeminal neuralgia. I think it is awesome that he is a 5th generation Chinese Acupuncturist.  I highly recommend Dr. Chen to anyone with a medical challenge.

Woman 69yrs has trigeminal neuralgia. She says: After 7 treatment the pain stopped. I am still pain free and I can’t believe the pain stopped because I have tried many alternative treatment and they did not work. The results with acupuncture are amazing.  (Mary.M)

Woman 67yrs has neuralgia. She says: I have suffered this pain on and off for 10 years and have been treated by various doctors. None of the other doctors have been able to give me relief from this pain expect Dr.Chen.(Jane L)

Man 55yrs has trigeminal neuralgia. He says: The treatment was effective. In these weeks acupuncture took care of the problem that neurologists could not even understand. (Ven D)

Man 39yrs has neuralgia. He says: Very professional and yet relaxed atmosphere. Discreet service is provided and patient's privacy is respected. Dr. Chen is very Knowledgeable in his science. And he is also very friendly. One session has removed my stress& fingers pain/tingling, and with additional sessions, Dr.Chen is restoring balanced health to my body. I feel younger and healthier.(Stephen P)

v   Prostatitis & Urine Problem Case

Man 53yrs has prostatitis. He says: Dr. Chen is very professional and the treatments have exceeded my expectations. He not only treats the specific complains but the whole body. (Larry L)

Man 79yrs has urine drip. He says: The treatments were painless, helpful and effective. (Robert S)

Woman 56yrs has frequent urinating. She says: the urgency of frequent urinating has been waking me up few times at night in the last over 10 years. I only had to urinate once at night after Dr.Chen treated me 2-3 times. This improves my quality of life tremendously. My arthritis problems improved a lot too. (Ju H)

Man 60yrs has prostate. He says: the treatment is very favorable. In a few short weeks, my breathing has been noticeably less labored. My prostate is not as sensitive or uncomfortable and urination is stronger and less frequent. Further, the ½ hour that I spend with Dr. Chen is overwhelmingly relaxing. ( Arthur S)

v   Quit smoking Case

Man 53yrs smoking. He says: Nothing but good, was totally relaxed during treatment and calm and mellow after. It helped very much with quitting smoking and I would recommend it to others. (John B)

Woman 30yrs smoking for 15yrs. She says: Very good great person. Great treatment very gentle wouldn't of quit smoking if it wasn't for acupuncture.(Katie M)

Man 71yrs smoking. He says: After the treatment, I felt no desire to smoking. Acupuncture did help a lot with quit smoking. (John S)

Woman 51yrs smoking and alcohol. She says: The experience was relaxing. It helped my bad habit. I would recommend the treatment highly. (Suans W)

Woman 54yrs smoking 30 years. She says: I have become more relaxed. My overall health has improved. I quit smoking after 30 years. My chronic shoulder pain has improved dramatically too. (Dina M)

Woman 44yrs smoking and back pain. She says: Dr.Chen has stopped the chronic pain in my lower back. I did not think it was possible to live without back pain without surgery. I am happy I stopped smoking after the 2nd session.(Carol A)

v   Infertility Case

Woman 39yrs. She says: Dr Chen is very knowledgeable. I have been coming to Dr. Chen for 4 months because of infertility. 3 failed IUI attempts. Not only did Dr. Chen treat the infertility issue, he is also concerned with any health issue you may have and treat them. On each visit you have a feeling of well being after each treatment. I am happy to say I am pregnant. I am very pleased that I came to Dr. Chen would highly recommend him. (Sherri M)

Woman 42yrs. She says: My husband and I have been going to a fertility specialist reproductive endocrinologist for a year, with no success at getting pregnant. In July we tried IVF with no success even though we were told we had the best quality embryos for even a 25-years old woman. After that, the fertility expert told us he would only give us one more chance ( I was crushed).We decided to try acupuncture to enhance our chances any way we could, and sought out  Dr. Chen because of his excellent years of experience and excellent credentials. We were supposed to have our last try at IVF in September (and had been told this was the only way we would get pregnant) and after several acupuncture treatments in August--I'm pregnant! In my life, at age 42. I also took the "infertility herbs" that Dr.Chen gave me (Actually, the fertility specialist told me not to take them, but I decided to take them anyway at least until my period started, and then my period never started!). So, we are thrilled-it is really a miracle. We are sure that acupuncture helped tremendously; and the Chinese herbs as well. (Deborah P)

v   Fatigue and Menopause Case

Woman 47yrs has skin rash, itching. She says: Dr. Chen is very good at acupuncture; he has treated me on several occasions for different problems. I would rather see Dr. Chen than any other doctor. (Debbie M)

Woman 41yrs has overall weakness and poor immune function. She says: Dr. Chen is an excellent doctor. I am very pleased with the treatments I have received. (Lisa H)

Girl 19yrs has lack of energy. She says: I now have much more energy and less pain than before my treatments which has improved my quality of life and enabled me to do more things; this has been the only kind of treatment I feel has given me real results. Thank you! (Grace T)

Woman 52yrs has hot flash and low back pain. She says: The treatment is very positive. I recommended it to others. (Michelle M)

Woman 30yrs has night sweat. She says: I am very appreciative of Dr. Chen's ability to respond to my urgent needs and my overall health + well-being. His assessment of my condition was refreshing in that he was concerned with my whole body, not just one part. I feel that I am improving rapidly under his case.( Kirsten F)

v   Chemotherapy Case

Woman 59yrs has breast cancer. She says: the results are beyond my expectations. The treatment has improved the quality of my life. (Sockolof A)

v   Psoriases Case

Woman 59yrs has psoriases. She says: Dr.Chen is very professional and the treatment help a lot.(Tanya R)

v   Other Cases

Woman 29yrs has chronic sinus problem. She says: For several years I could not breathe well through my nose. I could not smell. After being treated by Dr. Chen, I feel tremendously better. I can breathe + smell. He gave me a quality of life again!(Kimberly P)

Woman 66yrs has left eye pain. She says: Dr. Chen has my quality of life. He has helped me to feel well again. I can't say enough of wonderful things acupuncture has done for me. I have a new life.(Catherine A)

Woman 61yrs has inflammation. She says: Acupuncture greatly reduced post-up inflammation and pain. It speedly up my recovery and also got rid of a persistent cough. (Rita O)

Woman 29yrs has sinus infection. She says: Sinus pressure/pain is 100% relieved. No upper respiratory infections since onset of acupuncture treatments. Overall feel more energetic and healthier since beginning acupuncture treatments + treating the herbal medicine + tea. (Anju D)

Woman 61yrs has irregular heart beat. She says: Before the treatment, my heart was bitter skip 18 times per minutes. Pulse was 56 per minutes, after treatments pulse 76 per minutes no skip heart beats. (Lidia P)

Woman 50yrs has swollen lymph glands. She says: Wonderful. He is an absolute master and has helped so much with a sternly yet gentle touch, he is reassuring and seems so dedicated to helping others (patients). (Valoas S)

Woman 23yrs has endometriosis. She says: I have been going to many doctors; taking lots of medication even have had surgery. All did nothing. Now my stomach problem is 100% better and my period problem is 75%. (Stephonie D)






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